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Our Clients Say

Our team is committed to the delivery and support of innovative solutions to meet the financial needs of our individual and business clients.

Bryan made it easy for us to finally make the decision to go ahead with the benefit plan.  We had looked into a plan previously but were discouraged as our company was considered too small with only 3 employees.  Everything is going great and we are happy with our choice of benefit plan.  Thanks for your support!

Debbie Rutherford
Rutherford Pump Systems

I have been a client of Ecclestone Financial Group for over eighteen years and have always felt very comfortable and confident with Ted and the advice he has given me. In fact, I was so impressed with the high level of friendly and knowledgeable service that I recommended Ted’s common sense approach to other family members. Four generations of my family, (father, myself, daugther, grandchildren) have availed themselves of Ted’s expertise and all have been pleased with the results of his advice. Ted takes the time to meet with me on a regular basis to review my portfolio we decide together what changes need to be made depending on the market and my personal circumstances at the time. I am grateful to Ted Ecclestone and his staff for the genuine interest and concern he has show to me and my family.

Leita R.

My husband and I are very happy with the services provided to us. Bryan is very professional and knowledgeable and has found ways to save us money on our current investments and insurance. Due to Bryan’s help and advice we feel more financially stable and are more confident in our financial future

Katie and Sherman M.

Ecclestone Financial has witnessed my family evolving through divorce, single parenthood, remarriage, and the birth of five children some of whom have special needs. At every stage, Ted and Kevin are able to manage our life insurance needs in terms of what makes sense for us. I don’t ever feel stressed about not being knowledgeable about insurance nor financially savvy, because that is what Ted and Kevin are for.
I know I can rely on Ted to be at the forefront of anything that I should be researching regarding my children with special needs. He was the one who first told me about Henson Trusts or discussed RDSP’s with me well before this was general knowledge within the special needs community and certainly long before my lawyer or regular bank addressed these things.
While our family could not be considered rich, I certainly feel as though I am treated the same way as someone who is. More importantly, I feel good about having our insurance with Ecclestone Financial. I have the peace of mind that if something awful were to happen, that at least from a financial standpoint, that there would be nothing to worry about.

Dana T.

Both my wife and I have varying schedules, and 2 year old twins. This usually makes appointments and meetings very difficult to set up. Bryan is always willing to work with us, and find the time to meet when we need his services.
He is very knowledgeable, honest and sincere. Without a doubt, my wife and I have complete trust in Bryan to assist us and our children with our financial futures and freedoms.

Brad & Liz T.

I was very impressed with Bryan’s professional attitude. He reviewed our financial statements and found a few different ways to save us money every month.
In addition, Bryan knew we have a young son and showed us ways that we could invest for his education and future. He gave us information on different options that I didn’t know were available. With the money he has saved us every month we are able to redirect the saving into planning for our son’s future. Thanks Bryan!

Sarah & Jeff J.

Bryan provides a personalized service. He’s very helpful, reachable and easy to deal with. I would recommend him as a family financial advisor to keep for a long term to help you build a family legacy.

Isabel H.

Bryan, as a satisfied customer of your financial services business, we would like to thank you for patiently advising us as we plan for our future financial security. As you are very aware, one of us tends to ask lots of questions but we take great comfort knowing you always provide honest and informed answers.
We appreciate your friendly customer service and trust you take care of our investments especially when you contact us immediately if an investment is not doing so well so we have the opportunity to move it before incurring much loss. We always enjoy our meetings with you and highly recommend you to anyone wanting advice on investment and insurance planning.

Rhonda & Richard H.

Bryan is excellent. He looks at your financial situation to see which products or services he’s able to provide you. Bryan has a no pressure attitude with his clients, which is great as this allows you to think about what you would like/not like to do before you agree to any product or service he may have offered you.

Susan L.

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