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Planning Calculators

We have collected some calculator resources that we feel will help you in your planning. These are just guidelines to give you a better understanding of how important planning for your future is. A meeting with one of our advisors will further clarify what’s right for you.

Fidelity Retirement Readiness Snapshot™

Fidelity Retirement Readiness Snapshot is a fast, easy-to-use online calculator. It takes your answers to six simple questions and estimates:

  • Your accumulated savings at the time you retire
  • Your approximate income in the first year of retirement

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Spend or Save Calculator

Fidelity’s Spend or Save calculator determines the amount of savings by cutting back or reducing various types of spending. Limiting your expenses on items, such as ‘dining out’, entertainment, or impulse purchase, can significantly increase savings, year over year.

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InsureRight TM

The Manulife Financial InsureRight Calculators can help you determine the best life, disability and critical illness insurance products for you. Visit the InsureRight website to discover the insurance products available through EFG, and then talk to one of our advisors about choosing the one that will be your perfect fit

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Household Cash Flow Statement

The first step in building a wise financial plan is determining your family’s income and expenses. This tool makes it easy.

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Advantage of Early Investing

Learn the importance of investing early and on a regular basis.

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Canadian Retirement Income Calculator

This online service will provide you with retirement income information, including OAS and CPP benefits. You will need to work through a series of modules in order to estimate your retirement incomes and compare them to the 70% income replacement rate often recommended by retirement planners. It also allows you to see the impact of increased savings. The calculator will help you better understand how each level of the retirement income system will contribute to your future financial security. The Calculator’s results are rough estimates for information purposes only – not financial planning. The Calculator does not collect personal information or identifiers.

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This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as an accurate indication of your financial retirement needs. As each individual’s situation is different and changes over time, the results are limited by the accuracy of the assumptions you make in providing the information used in the calculation. I (we) do not guarantee that this calculator is reliable, accurate or complete or that it will be  compatible with your computer.

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