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Investment Solutions


Being prepared for retirement doesn’t mean missing out on your life today. Creating a balance between an enjoyable future and enjoying the present requires intent, and Ecclestone Financial Group can help. A responsible retirement strategy means investing for tomorrow so you get the best return on your investments now and when you retire.

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Tax Free Savings Account

A tax free savings account (TSFA) is an account where income earned on deposits and investments is not taxed. You can also withdraw money at any time without being taxed. Any funds withdrawn from the account can be deposited again at the start of the following year.

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Registered Education Savings Plan

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a savings account designed to help parents save for their children’s post-secondary education. It has the advantage of accumulating tax-free interest as well as allowing for parents to apply for the Canada Education Savings Grant.

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Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC’s) are one of the safest ways to invest because money (up to a limit) invested in GICs is protected against loss.

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