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Being prepared for retirement doesn’t mean missing out on your life today. Creating a balance between an enjoyable future and enjoying the present requires intent, and Ecclestone Financial Group can help. A responsible financial strategy means investing for tomorrow so you get the best return on your investments now and when you retire.

Knowing your retirement goals is the first step. Will you retire and leave the work force entirely? Or will you work part-time to supplement your retirement income? What about day-to-day bills, home maintenance costs, vacations and unexpected expenses? All of these things need to be considered as part of the total cost of your retirement lifestyle.

So how can you save for retirement?

Registered Retirement Savings Plans
Savings plans for individuals including the self-employed that have been registered for purposes of the federal Income Tax Act. RRSP contribution limits are based on earned income. RRSPs provide retirement income based on what the accumulated contributions and return on investment in the plan will buy at retirement.

Registered Retirement Income Fund
A  trust registered with Revenue Canada intended to hold the funds from a matured RRSP, which will continue to shelter investment income from tax until it is withdrawn, and from which a minimum amount must be withdrawn each year.

Ecclestone Financial Group is committed to helping you create your best retirement, whether it’s developing an initial strategy or managing your retirement income. You’ve worked hard to get here – enjoy!