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Does Your Insurance Coverage Fit Your Needs?

If you die suddenly, will your family have enough money to cover the mortgage and household bills? What if you become critically ill? How will you support your family and pay for the unexpected medical costs? What if you couldn’t work and were unable to pay your monthly bills? These are tough questions.


But anything can happen. That’s why you want to be certain you have the right insurance coverage to protect your family and everything you’ve worked hard to achieve.


Many Canadians don’t have the right insurance coverage to meet their needs. It’s unfortunate, but not surprising. Insurance is a complex subject. There are so many different types to choose from, it can be confusing. And you may not know how

much coverage is enough.


We would appreciate the opportunity to review your current coverages to ensure you are protected and want to help choose the right protection for you and your family. A second look is worth the comfort and confidence your family will be protected from any of these unforeseen events.